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PEVC3108E | Commercial DC EV Charging Station Chademo CCS 60kW-240KW Electric Car Charger Ocpp ev fast charger | sino fasthorse

Product Advantages
1.High efficiency, 120kW - 240kW multiple power configuration methods to meet customers customization needs.Dual charging plugs able to service for different EVs at the same time.Ultra low energy consumption, low power loss during operation and standby, efficiently reduce customer operating cost.
2.Excellent adaptability, Wide voltage range, large charging current reduce charging time.With the high standard cabinet available for indoor & outdoor freely & save space.
3.Intelligent control, OCA listed brand, comply with the latest OCPP protocol standard .Convenient payment, support the most popular payment method such as RFID / Credit card / Apps etc.Cloud management, provide customers with more convenient and intime charging operation management solutions.
4.Safety and protection,Comply with the latest leakage protection standard.Multiple protection to ensure the users safety.IP54 & IK10.EMC comply with Class
5.Reliable,TUV marked, the high-standard confifidence guarantee.MID Meter can manage your EV Charger parameters the most precise and communicate to your power grid system

Product description Product paramenters App & platform solution Certifications

PEVC3108E (120kW - 240kW)  ULTRA-FAST CHARGER series is a ultra fast DC Charger, With it’s up to 240kW power can provide ultra fast

charging service to EVs, the proffesional TUV tests standard is another confidence guarantee to our EV Charger users

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About price

5 - 99 pieces              $13600.00

100 - 499 pieces       $11250.00

>= 500 pieces           $8900.00

Power Suppply3P+N+PE
Rated Voltage400VAC±15%(50/60Hz)
Power Factor≥0.98
Connector TypeCCS Combo 2
Output Voltage150-1000V
Maximum Output Current250A
Output Power Rating120-240kW(Max)
Output Voltage Accuracy≤0.5%
Output Current Accuracy≤±5%
HMI7-Inch touch screen
Charging MethodRFID Card
Cable LengthCellular modem:GSM/4G (optional)LAN:10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Communication ProtocolOCPP 1.6J
Operating Noise Level≤60dBA
Ingress Protection(IP/IK rating)IP54/IK08
Power MeterAccuracy Class 1 energy meter
EnclosureGalvanized steel
Product Dimension700 x 550 x 1800mm(W x D x H)
Package Dimension950 x 720 x 1950mm(W x D x H)
ProtectionOver Current,Under Voltage,Over Voltage,Short Circuit,Residual Current, Surge Protection,Over Temperature,Ground Protection
Certification StandardEN/IEC 61851-1、EN/IEC 61851-23、EN/IEC 61851-24、EN/IEC62196-1、EN/IEC62196-3
Operating Temperature-35℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature–40°C to +75°C
Maximum Installation Height≤2000m
Operating Humidity5%–95% RH

Model possible configurations

dc ev charger Model possible configurations

  1. Start stop
  2. Basic charging information
  3. Set charging current 8A/16A/32A
  4. Make an appointment to charge
  5. Calibration time
  6. View charging history

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System platform solution

Sino Fasthorse ’s Charging Management System is a scalable and highly available distributed system with micro service architecture. It supports charging fault cloud backup protection mechanism, orderly charging management algorithm, which effectively enhances the safety monitoring of charging station.

fasthorse ev charger app platform

City platform solution

The charging operation management system cloud platform is a new generation of charging cloud multi-tenant management platform of Pilot Technology.

It adopts a scalable and highly available distributed system with micro-service architecture, supports distributed massive storage, and adopts a high fault tolerance mechanism to

meet the near-second big data query. It supports cloud backup protection mechanism for charging faults, adaptive algorithm for vehicle big data anomaly analysis,

and orderly charging management algorithm, which can effectively enhance the safety monitoring of charging piles.

fasthorse smart charge city

What is Dynamic Load Balancing for EV charging?

Electric vehicles can consume half of your home’s electrical capacity or at least a considerable portion of it. Simply

adding a charger can easily cause overload for properties that do not have a large amount of unused power capacity

left. Increasing the power capacity for your home is expensive. Using a smart Dynamic Load Balancing system can

help avoid that cost and still charge your electric vehicle at the maximum possible speed.

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) is a smart solution that allows you to safely balance the power consumption between

your electric vehicle and your other electrical home appliances. The remaining available energy will be used to charge

your car in the most efficient way.

load balancing for ev charging

Super Power Solution

Cluster DC charging heap solution integrates power distribution, power transformation and charging cabinet, with

external charging terminal. When charging electric vehicles, the system can flexibly and dynamically allocate output

power according to different models and quantities.


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