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Top 10 brands of charging station in China

Top 10 brands of charging station in China

Time: February 1st at 5:10pm

With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, there is no shortage of charging piles in the industry chain. AC slow charging, DC fast charging. Intelligent charging stack shunt charging technology and so on are all charging pile development progress. After years of development, a batch of excellent charging pile enterprises have emerged. At present, the market is divided into several echelons according to strength and popularity.

State network system echelon - with the market first-mover advantage, market, advance layout of resources, with strong market control, such as Nanrui, Xuji, Luneng intelligence, etc.

The first echelon of charging equipment: such enterprises have stronger themselves, stronger integration and development of charging modules and charging systems, larger market share in the country, large enterprise scale, superior comprehensive strength or comprehensive ability of charging pile investment and construction, operation and maintenance.

The second echelon of charging equipment: these enterprises have certain system development and integration capabilities, certain technical competitiveness, and certain advantages in the design and production of products

The third echelon of charging equipment: such enterprises do not have their own technical capabilities, charging module manufacturing capabilities, intelligent management capabilities, the future operation, maintenance and services of such enterprises have a certain degree of hidden problems.


We hope that China's pile enterprises will continue to develop and launch more advanced technologies as well as high-quality products to help the new infrastructure.

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