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How to choose the ev charging station manufacturer?

How to choose the ev charging station manufacturer?

Time: February 1st at 5:33pm

In recent years, as the penetration rate of new energy electric vehicles continues to rise, the demand for charging station as the basic energy replenishment facilities for new energy electric vehicles will also grow significantly, and the construction of charging station will usher in a new wave. However, due to the rapid expansion, single mode, unstable operation platform, low utilization rate and other factors, it is difficult for the operators in the charging pile industry to achieve large-scale and sustainable profitability.With the global countries banning fossil fuel vehicles and timeline, the demand for charging station is increasing.

However, the rapid expansion, single mode, stable operation platform and low utilization rate make it difficult for operators in the charging station industry to achieve large-scale and sustainable profit. So, operators who plan to invest in charging pile projects, it is particularly important to choose a reliable charging pile manufacturers, today we will talk about how to choose a reliable charging station manufacturers?

First of all, we should know that the charging station is also divided into two kinds of home and commercial, home machine

It is installed for their own use, how simple how to, quality and safety, charging speed is okay on, I will not do to elaborate, want to buy charging station friends directly to a certain treasure a certain east to see the sales to see the evaluation to see the price, feel appropriate on it, the basic are also on much the same.

This video we focus on commercial charging station, directly to everyone on the dry goods, has organized a few points, so that friends choose to the right charging pile manufacturers: the first point - the quality of safety?

The first point - is the quality of safety?

The first thing to ensure is the safety of such products as charging station, to find the production quality management system

Strict, complete product testing reports, product safety protection features and insurance companies

The manufacturer who has insurance coverage. Do not look for the kind of qualifications are not complete small manufacturers, small manufacturers of products may be cheap, but the quality is difficult to say, after all, a price is worth a penny of truth without me saying much, right?

The second point - whether it is the real source manufacturers?

To find the kind of real own source factory, the factory scale not to say to be very large, at least if the "small, all the guts" manufacturers, a variety of standard processes are equipped with hardware modules, software

Platform are self-research and self-production, such manufacturers to provide reliable product quality, technical services and after-sales support. Do not look for that kind of assembly manufacturers, that kind of manufacturers hardware is to find a factory OEM, platform advantage to find another production, equipment problems, you find the manufacturers, manufacturers themselves can not understand what happened.

The third point - whether the operation platform for independent research and development?

The entire operation of the charging station program is nothing but the integration of hardware and software, product quality is one hand, platform operation is another: is the platform stable? Is the equipment often dropped? Does it support remote management?

Is the platform stable? ...... and so on, must not choose the kind of backstage operation technology is not a mature program manufacturers, otherwise your equipment is laid out, management will have a headache.

The fourth point - whether the device is simple and intelligent operation?

At the beginning, we also talked about the problem of the utilization rate of the charging station, the charging station is installed, no one can use it, so the charging process of the equipment should be intelligent enough, simple, to consider the simplicity of the equipment from the starting point of the user, rather than too complex to use the process, the first time consumers find that they will not operate, and later will not use, so the simplicity of the equipment Intelligent is also a very critical point.

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