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How Much Does a Commercial 20 EV Charging Station construction Cost?

How Much Does a Commercial 20 EV Charging Station construction Cost?

Time: December 19th at 3:49pm

1. Overview

Charging station construction consists of four main parts : Infrastructure, Electricity distribution, Charging equipment, Charge Management System&software. Of course, each country has different electricity prices, policies, energy subsidies, and government support. For example, in many cities in China, the government supports that it takes about 114,285 USD to invest in a charging station (medium-sized charging station) and about 85,714 USD after subsidies. So let's take China as an example to illustrate the approximate cost calculation of building a commercial charging station.

Charging station cost structure guide

2. Infrastructure

   2.1 Rental venues

Common owners: real estate developers, property companies, government units, hotels, public parking lots, etc.

Dimensions to focus on for address selection:

Nature of land: lease relationship, proof of land ownership

Power quotas: power points for high-voltage projects, remaining capacity of distribution rooms, power line planning.

Local environment: car parking conditions, accessibility, fire protection system, underground piping conditions, distance to nearby flammable and explosive points.

Lease conditions: local rent, length of lease, cost of electricity, no-stop clause, complete government filing information.

Market analysis: application scenario confirmation, is it facing public charging, bus charging or logistics charging?

The annual rent of a fixed commercial parking space is about $430, but need to set aside three spaces to build a box transformer and some other equipment. Of course, if you can rent the whole land lease, the overall will be cheaper, but these locations are generally relatively remote, after all, there is a whole lot of land for rent will not be set in the city center.

ev charging station location selection

2.2 Land hardening

Concrete flooring, drainage design, cost $20 per square meter

2.3 Steel structure carport

The larger the area of the canopy, the higher the weight of the steel frame structure used, the thicker the steel used, and the higher the price, and the different materials of the canopy. For example, the steel membrane structure canopy for parking lot is about 50 usd/㎡ meter, and the FRP canopy is about 70 usd/㎡.

Steel membrane structure canopy

2.4 Layout design

smart parking Layout design

2.5 Smart Parking

smart parking for ev cars

3. Electricity distribution

   3.1 Transformer

Assuming you have a 100A 3-phase meter, you can install 1 60kw charging station or 3 20kw charging station ; for an 80A 3-phase meter, you can install 1 42kw charging station ; for a 60A 3-phase meter, you can install 1 20kw charging station . And if you want to install a higher power charging station, such as 80kw or 120kw and above, you need to go to the transformer. 800KVA box-type transformer, about $13000 a piece.

   3.2 Cables & Wires

Cable, wire, line, auxiliary materials: the construction of charging piles with more and more major auxiliary materials is the three-core copper wire. A charging station uses 30 meters of copper wire, and the price of the national standard three-core copper wire is 4 USD/meter, plus the cost of other auxiliary materials.

4. Charging equipment

   4.1 ac ev charging station

ac ev charger 22KW

       22KW ac ev charger, the price about 260 USD a piece.

   4.2 dc ev charging station

   120KW dc ev charging station

   120KW dc ev charging station, the price about 9000 USD a piece.

30KW dc ev charging station

   30KW dc ev charging station, the price about 5000 USD a piece.

5. Charge Management System&software

5.1 Charging equipment manage

5.2 Payment System

6.3 User charging App

7.4 Security Monitoring

6.  Main Cost budget summary

ItemUnit price(USD)AmountTotal price
Dc ev charging station(120KW,Double Gun)$9,0007$63,000
ac ev charger(22KW)$2606$1,560
box-type transformer(800KVA)$13,0001$13,000
Basic Construction$25,0001$25,000
Government Subsidies$-22,8571$-22,857
Manager software$15,0001$15,000
Total budget:$94703


  • Manufacturers can provide management software.
  • Dual guns, one dc ev charging station can provide two cars charging at the same time.

7. New Energy Policies by Country

wikipedia: Phase-out of fossil fuel vehicles

wikipedia: Electric car use by country

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